Mission Statement

To support all aspects of the performing and visual arts.  Our vision is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the music which is indigenous to North America: blues, jazz, gospel and all genres which derive from our African American heritage.

To create a community of lifelong, independent learners in reading, writing and mathematics that will empower all participants with passion and a love of education.

To create a bridge between our dual mission and to empower all participants to experience the profound wisdom that can be brought to young minds through the higher arts. The arts support the critical thinking, effective problem solving, and clear reasoning called for by the Common Core.

With an active board of directors and advisory board that have varied professional artistic and administrative experience we will work diligently to facilitate these goals.


Board of Directors

Darrell Bridges - Founder and Director

Joy Anakhu - ESQ

Louis Bryan

Leonard Easter - ESQ

Nicole Johnson

Marguerite Mann

Curtis Stembridge


Darrell Bridges - Founder and Director

Kirk Oliver - Assistant Director

Craig Harris - Artistic Director

Stephanie Duzant- Director of Communications


Advisory Board

Rev. Dr. Andrea M. Hargett, Pastor

Nioka Workman
Firey Strings Company

Napoleon Revels Bey
Nassau Performing Arts, Inc.

Marty Khan
Outward Visions, Inc.

Joy S. Rosenthal
Rosenthal Law & Mediation

Randy Weinstein
North Star Rare Books & Manuscripts and The Dubois Center


Forestdale Inc. – Percussion Ensemble

Culture For One