Arts In Motion – AIM

The concept of Arts In Motion “AIM” is to bring the arts to organizations and institutions such as, schools, community centers, churches, camps, senior centers, juvenile detention centers, prisons, etc. 


Artist Programs

These programs are designed to reach a broad spectrum of people, young and old and diverse nationalities. Of course, these programs can be tailored to reach a specific audience. 

We endeavor to enhance aesthetic perception, creative expression through these programs. Also, to insure that future generations are aware of their rich arts heritage. Some of the arts covered will be music, poetry, visual arts and dance. 

One such program deals with oral history, shows the relationship of the African Griot and Rap/Hip Hop. 

Another program based on Blues, and Jazz, would show how they are an important aspect of American music history, and how they have influenced other styles of music right up to the present.



Workshops usually running a full day focus on the discovery of the Arts, they are designed as introductions to the Arts and may focus on one particular art form. 




Lecture/Demonstration - Assembly

This program provides instruction on the history of an art form, its roots, and the styles of famous artists. As this program usually deals with the performing arts, it will conclude in a live performance. 


Artist Residency

Artist residencies are tailored for classroom activity, or used in conjunction with other programs or school curriculum, e.g., history, geography, social studies, music, etc. Artist-in-residency programs can range from two and three days to six-week programs. Students learn how to dance, compose and arrange music, and even make their own instruments. These residencies will conclude in a live performance. 


Percussion Ensemble

Math and music are indeed related and we commonly use numbers and math to describe and teach music. Beneath the sound of the notes are math concepts. 

Formed in February of 2016 with the goal to educate by teaching youth to read and perform music and empower them with skills they can use in other aspects of life. These math ideas help organize everything from the beat (rhythm) to the tune (melody) of the music. Composers use fractions to divide a musical whole note into parts (halves, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths). 

The Arts & Education Continuum Percussion Ensemble is for youth 1st through 12th grades. 

The Arts & Education Continuum Percussion Ensemble helps meet the Common Core standards in math.